Tiny Homes

as Backyard Homes, ADUs, Laneway Houses, and Garden Suites

Turn your life


  • A home to call your own

  • Financial Security

  • Independence

= Peace & Contentment

The Problem

Housing Market

  • I want to afford a house

  • I want to stop renting

  • I want to get out of my parents' basement

  • My house is too big as an empty nester

Far from Family

  • I want to live close to my grandkids

  • I want to age gracefully in my own space

  • I need some support, but I want independence

Working too Hard

  • I want to live to work instead of work to live

  • I don't want to work so hard just to make ends meet

  • It takes too long to clean my big house

Helping FAMILY get ahead

DownSize your home, UpSize your life

The UpSizeDown Method

Live Your Dream


We help you get into the mindset of "less stuff, more life"

Obtain a simpler life of peace and contentment


We teach you how to achieve with this mindset, and what's possible when you do

We also teach you the ins and outs of zoning, building code, and building systems


"Living well is a function of design"

We work with you to design your dream


We expertly build your home or help you do it

Let's show you the benefits of building modularly and then shipping to site


You'll immediately see the positive impact on your life

We hope all our clients return that impact to those around them

A tiny home isn't just something you're buying...

it's something you're DOING!

Why Us?

We're one of the only home builders in North America that does more than just build the structure. We help you every step of the way: from the intricacies of design to obtaining permits, from quality construction to site set up and delivery. Getting you living your UpSize life in your very own tiny dream home.

We believe in educating you on how to negotiate the obstacles you might face moving to your own tiny home. We walk you through the process step by step to ensure that your dream will become a reality.

Building modularly, and then shipping to site, means that we can add backyard homes all across Ontario. Being close to Hamilton, we also have the option of building on-site.

Are You Ready?

Maybe you have a property lined up to place your tiny home on, or maybe you know which municipality you want to live in. We can legally put a tiny home in any backyard in Ontario, but some are easier to approve than others.

Maybe you've looked at your budget and figured out where the money is coming from.

If you want to secure your spot in our build line up for the coming year please fill out our form so that we can get some more information regarding necessary qualifiers to start your build with us.

You will get:

  • Written articles

  • Newsletters

  • Educational videos

  • Prepared for your tiny home

Presented by

Daniel Ott

  • Builder for 20+ years

  • Tiny Home builder since 2018

  • BCIN Designer

The Bonus

Viability Booklet

Helps you with:

- budgeting

- property ideas

- model selection

- getting ready

"If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to give 100% and never stop believing in your dream."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Upcoming Events


2024 Date



Winter Webinar

Winter TBD

7 pm


Sales Visit

by appointment


True North build yard

Open House

Summer Saturday TBD

9 am - 6 pm

client property


Summer TBD

7 pm

Zoom / in person


Habitat for Humanity

"We have collaborated with TNTH for over two years, and throughout this time, they have consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise, professionalism, and dedication in the field of Tiny Home design and construction.

We have utilized their design services to construct 13 OBC-compliant Tiny Homes with local high school students, involving students in every aspect from framing to finishes. Subsequently, TNTH safely transports these homes to our partner First Nation communities."

Bradley Family

"True North Tiny Homes did an outstanding job of understanding our needs, then designing, building and delivering a functional and truly beautiful ARU.

True North Tiny Homes also navigated the complexities of site plan applications, permits, and inspections with the city.

On a personal note, Daniel and JoAnna are truly remarkable people who genuinely care about the homes they build and giving back to the community."

Peck Family

"Fantastic. Really Happy. Start to finish, totally met my expectations, and even exceeded them, and I pay high attention to detail.

Bottom line, True North has a great team.

I got a good enough first impression from watching thee videos to make the 4 hour drive."

Business for Good

Organizations that we support

#1 & #4

Habitat for Humanity

- partnerships with high schools in the Peel Region

- teaching students practical skills in construction

- donating homes to those most in need within Indigenous communities and beyond


Cities of Ontario

- creating backyard homes through Ontario

- increasing density

- decreasing takeover of farmland


4 Ocean

- cleaning up the oceans

- removing one pound of plastic at a time



- teaching responsible care of animals, both as pets and as farm animals

You Are Ready If:

  • You want to live in a family member's backyard, and have one in mind

  • You have figured out what this will cost and how to pay for it

  • You want to move in within the next year

  • You want to learn more about how you can create your UpSized life

  • You want to dive into more education

Follow Along.